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Carlotta+Gee - Sustainable Australian linen

Carlotta+Gee - Sustainable Australian linen

Today we have #VIRAGOmuse twice over. Carlotta and Georgie are the founders of the sustainable bedding brand Carlotta+Gee, which was created in Australia. With Carlotta we have known each other for many years... I can say I consider her a sister. Today, we meet Georgie, her friend and partner, originally from Melbourne.


Virago: Hello girls, first of all, who are you?

Carlotta&Gee: Carlotta + Gee is a brand of 100% French linen sheets and sustainable homewear products.

 V: And how would you define yourselves in one word?

C&G: Natural

V: Before we start, what song should we play on Spotify to read your interview?

C&G: Runaway, Ziggy Alberts.

V: Explain us, in which moment of your life do you meet and how does Carlota & Gee project arise?

C&G: Carlotta + Gee started at the end of 2018, after a trip we made to Byron Bay, Australia. We stayed in a boutique hotel near the sea. The rooms were dreamy and the beds were dressed with white linen sheets. Those days we slept better than ever. We felt relaxed. We realized then how important it is to invest in sleeping well, in resting and making your bed a unique space.

“We realized then how important it is to invest in sleeping well, in resting and making your bed a unique space".”

V: It is true that we often underestimate the most basic and yet most necessary things in life. And, speaking in secret, what has been your key to success and how have you moved forward in these uncertain times?

C&G: We still haven't discovered the key to success, but what drives us forward is the confidence we have in our products and our brand. We have a very clear idea of what we sell, who we are and we know that anyone who tries our products and the feeling of sleeping in our sheets will fall in love as much as we do.  

V: Several studies point out that, after this pandemic, we will bet on the famous "less is more", investing in quality and not in quantity. Do you think this will be positive for Carlota&Gee?

C&G: Absolutely, we support the slow fashion movement and we believe that it is very important that people are aware of how important it is to invest in quality, in products that are made in a sustainable way and taking care of the environment.

Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics we can find as it grows naturally without any chemicals or pesticides. Moreover, linen comes from a plant called Flax that does not need water to grow. Not only is the raw material important but also the rest of the manufacturing process of the product and we believe that it is very important to be transparent with our customers and be able to explain how and where the product they are buying comes from.

V: So we see that the concept of "slow fashion" is not only going to guide the fashion industry but homewear is also moving in this direction.

C&G: Exactly. Our sheets are designed and produced taking care of all details and always trying to be respectful with the environment, offering a unique product of quality. All our dyes are organic, what makes the color of each sheet slightly different and unique.

V: We are very curious... Which is for you the "must have" of Carlota&Gee that we cannot miss at our home?

C&G: A set of sheets!

V: We will write it down in our wish list!


“Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics we can find. It grows naturally without any chemicals or pesticides.”



V: Although it is clear that linen has been a trend on many occasions (and will never stop being so), how does it translate in the world of homewear?

C&G: Linen in bedding will be more and more common for all its qualities: it is a passable and thermally conductive fabric, in the colder months linen retains your body heat to maintain your body temperature and warmth in bed. During the summer, the natural properties of the fibres will allow the fabric to breathe and the air to circulate transmitting the sensation of freshness that we seek in summer. In addition, the fabric is more hygienic than cotton (linen fibres absorb moisture faster than cotton and do not retain odours) and is anti-allergenic (ideal for people with more sensitive skin).

 V: It is true that, although we love linen, we often hesitate because it is a very delicate fabric. As experts, what tips can you give us to take proper care of linen garments?

C&G: Always wash them with warm or cold water and the most important thing is to avoid letting it dry in the sun.

 V: As you know, VIRAGO means heroic, brave, strong and powerful woman. For us Carlota & Gee are a definition of VIRAGO. But tell me, what do you think makes you a VIRAGO?

C&G: the naturalness, entrepreneurial spirit and courage to always go forward.



V: To conclude, which are the most special places in Australia that we could not miss for anything in the world?

Byron Bay with no doubt (that's where we started our brand). It is also a must to make caravan trips from Perth to Esperance (reaching a cottage called Esperance Villa Challet, unbelievable!) and all the east coast of Australia (Great Ocean Road to Noosa).

Thanks for all your tips! We hope that soon we can go and follow your tips... Ah! and we will visit you without any doubt!



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