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Vir Charneco - Ibiza Projects

Vir Charneco - Ibiza Projects

For those of you who know me, you know that I have spent lots of summers of my life in Ibiza. My beautiful island.

Ibiza is the lawless island, where no one is judged, where everyone lives within their own time and expresses themselves as they wish. Everyone is welcome.

In the first post of #VIRAGOmuse I want to interview the most loving lover of the island: Virgina Charneco.

She has just launched his project Ibiza Projects and, like us, has had to face the challenge of this #coronavirus situation.




 VIRAGO: Hola, chica. Who are you?

Vir: Vir.
V: But who you are really.
Vir: A brave one.

V: Before we start, what should we play on Spotify to read your interview?

V: At the moment I am right now, I would tell you that I am debating between Avicii's Wake Me Up (link here) or any of the acoustics that our Spanish composers are giving us right now, as for example Dani Martín did live on Tuesday 24th March in his Instagram (link to "Todos mis males" acoustic version). In times of confinement we are grateful for these iniciatives...

V: If you had to define yourself by one of our dresses, it would be...

Vir: Wifey Dress Flowers, no doubt. Very me.

V: As you know, VIRAGO means a heroic, brave, strong and powerful woman. I consider you one (besides the fact that you share the first three letters). But you tell me what you think you have about VIRAGO.

Vir: I have many defects, but coincidentally some of my virtues coincide with your values as a brand. I have been an entrepreneur for more than nine years. I have just launched a project in the middle of the covid-19 crisis, but instead of becoming afraid, I see new opportunities. Show must go on!

V: There's no more options, in my opinion. Seeing the glass half full is what pushes us to continue too. But many people will be asking themselves: and how do you go on if the situation can lead you to close the project of your dreams? What advantages and opportunities are you referring to?

Vir: From Fomento del Turismo de Ibiza y Formentera they have already launched the Campaign for the Soft Summer and that people do not cancel their trips and instead they postpone them ;)




V: Tell us, what is your project about, what is its objective?

Vir: It is a platform to promote content on Fashion, Sport, Beauty, Nutrition, Gastronomy, Business World and Personal Growth on the island of Ibiza. Objectives? To deseasonalize the island and generate synergies and networking between professionals inside and outside Ibiza. Talent exchange :)

V: Thinking out of the box taken to the extreme. When you think about Ibiza, your head automatically goes to the boil in July and August. And yet those of us who know it know that its greatest treasures are discovered in the months of May and October. Deep down, it seems that this covid-19 thing is coming as a ringer to force us to move our trips to those dates. Are you going to take advantage of this situation?

Vir: I don't know if it's taking advantage of the situation or not, but I think we've all been forced to adapt in the best possible way. The covid-19 has unfortunately killed many people but please don't let it also kill the illusion and energy of the people who love their work and have been fighting for it for years... So yes, from Ibiza Projects we will promote the initiative, and it will surely be October the month chosen to celebrate the long-awaited first event!

V: There is no need to discuss that Ibiza is magical, but tell us what is the place to be, the most magical place of them all.

Vir: Difficult question! Actually, if I say my magic place it will probably lose its magic. But the answer is: to me, seeing the island out of season already is magical. The experience of seeing autumn and winter here, the almond blossoms in Santa Inés, going to the market in San Juan on a winter Sunday morning or having breakfast in Santa Gertrudis. These are little things that we now value much more.



V: Living there must have given you the best experiences for sure. I was reviewing photos to send a birthday congratulation through Instagram stories to my friend Sílvia and I realized that many of my best memories take place there, in Ibiza.

Vir: If you've never been here before, the first thing I would recommend is that you get the contact or the typical friend of a "payés" to show you all this, like me for example! [laughs]

V: Finally: help me to encourage more women like you, more like us.

Vir: GIRLS, YOU MUST DREAM BIG. From the heart. Life already slows us down many times, but you are the ones who put yourselves in deadlock...

V: So see you in Soft Summer?

Vir: See you in Soft Summer. I’ll be waiting for you!!!


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