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Fashion designer Inés Martin-Borregón and marketing specialist Laura Forcada founded Virago Barcelona in March 2020, an independent fashion label that grows out of the desire to bring back glamour and glitz of earlier times and women’s desire to dress the way they feel on every occasion.  
Virago, Latin word for a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities, is the force that inspires the founders to shape a unique take on femininity, redefining its conventional vision and connecting allure with sexiness, elegance with strength and simplicity with soul.  
The brand reflects the combined experiences of its founders, mixing in a natural yet harmonious form Ines's playfulness and bold touch with Laura’s perfectionism, curation and attention to detail. “Pink but strong” is what you may see first, which represents the values of VIRAGO Barcelona: feminine doesn’t mean weak, feminine must be powerful, strong and brave… just like a virago is. 
At VIRAGO Barcelona we craft each piece to be a collectible; something you choose for a concrete reason, for the way it makes you feel, for the power it gives you. We want you to shine and to take advantage of it: use that power to say what the world needs to know, empower other silent voices, make your statements. The world needs to change and us, women, have a very important role in it. 
Laura Forcada and Inés Martín Borregón - Virago Barcelona founders

Use your feminine wiles, they will surrender. 


With love, 
Inés & Laura